North Carolina
Divorce Guides

Simple Uncontested Divorce

Download a free, step-by-step guide for Wake county or Durham county. Each guide includes instructions, forms, and templates specific to that county.


Learn which approach to negotiations is right for you and how to invite your spouse to participate in our negotiations guide. Most divorce disputes are resolved through negotiations, not trial.


We can't teach you how to be a lawyer in a guide. However, our litigation guide will give you an overview of the process, as well as checklists, forms, and templates.

Equitable Distribution

Learn how property and debt are distributed in a North Carolina divorce. Our step-by-step guide and template spreadsheet can help you put together an accounting.


North Carolina alimony law is complicated and amorphous. Learn more about alimony law and how to calculate a fair amount/duration with my alimony guide.


Download our free guide to learn more about custody and child support. Child support is calculated based on the financials of the spouses, but custody is more subjective.