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Legal Fees Calculator


Stage Resolved In

0. No disputes

1. Informal Negotiations

2. Cooperative or Mediated (recommended)

3. Early Litigation

4. Interim Hearings

5. Trial Prep (rare)

6. Trial Verdict (rare)

You will most likely have to pay your own legal fees for these claims

A judge may order your spouse to pay your legal fees for these claims


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Determine Options

Is your name on the deed to a piece of real estate you want sold as part of the divorce?

Did you have a credit score of at least 640 during the marriage?

Is your spouse wealthy?

Do you have family you could borrow from?

Do you earn at least $40k a year?

Do you anticipate legal fees of more than $2,000?

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Financing Options

Pay from Home Proceeds

Mr. King may allow you to pay $1,600 up-front, with additional bills being due after the house is sold and again after the issues in your divorce are resolved. This allows you to pay your lawyer out of the proceeds from selling the house.

Wealthy Spouse

If your spouse is wealthy but you are a homemaker that cannot access their money or assets yet, Mr. King may offer not to bill you until after interim hearings and again when the issues in your case are resolved. This way, you can pay your bill using the money you receive from your claims. This is not a contingency fee though. Your bills are still due even if you lose.


Nobody likes borrowing from family, but it is one of the most common ways to finance a divorce lawyer.

Personal Loans

Your bank of choice or a P2P lending site like LendingClub or Upstart may offer personal loans to help finance your legal fees with payments over time. 

Pro Se or DIY

If you cannot afford a lawyer, have no way to borrow the money, and do not qualify for one of our payment plans, you will likely have to represent yourself. 

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Final cost

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