David King

Many law firms focus on serving the rich with $5,000 minimums and hourly-rates that can come out to $75,000 or more. As a result, more than 75% of spouses are forced to proceed pro se. King @ Law offers a solution for the middle-class with more affordable flat-fee pricing and payment plans for qualifying customers.


How is King @ Law Able to Charge Less?

A More Modern

Law firms that charge on an hourly basis profit from inefficiency. The more time spent, the more they can bill. Worse, in anonymous surveys, a majority of lawyers admit to charging clients for fake hours. Since King @ Law charges a flat-fee, we're motivated to handle cases more efficiently, reducing costs to the customer.

For example, we use custom software to automate legal documents, rather than billing clients hourly for an admin to do the same paperwork. Also, we don't waste time tracking every page printed and every six minutes spent on your case in order to bill you for it.



With King @ Law, you can provide documents, schedule meetings with your attorney, pay fees, and more at your convenience online.



No fancy downtown office with marble floors. Mr. King works out of a virtual office, resulting in lower costs to customers.


Direct Access

Get unlimited access to your attorney's calendar and email him any time. No administrative assistants acting as a gatekeeper.

Money Bills

Payment Plans

Your spouse's actions may prevent you from getting financing from a traditional bank. We offer payment plans for qualifying customers